A mobile solution for a mobile workforce

Reach your employees with information, insights and training - wherever they are


Create a more engaged & effective workforce

Mobile first - accessible anytime, anywhere

Real-time communication and training for a dispersed workforce

Designed for emerging markets

Business outcomes

Our newsfeed allows you to deliver snappy, real-time updates in the way we all like to receive information. Colleagues use this space to share insights and experience with each other.



An Integrated Solution

Bite-sized pieces of training keep employees engaged. Our learning design experts create and adapt your content into mobile-friendly video, text, images and quizzes. We work with you to create bespoke content, not generic courses.

Online dashboards allow you to measure how training is improving performance and identify areas that require additional training. Each employee can see how training is linked to their job and how it has benefited them.

Clear goals

Learning goals, and progress towards them, are clearly visible. Employees & managers receive regular feedback on how much training has been completed and where improvement is needed.

We are helping Tigo make better connections with their sales staff. EduMe allows Tigo to deliver bite-sized updates about the company, products and campaigns and deliver on-the-go training to a highly dispersed workforce.

Who we are working with

Uber is using EduMe to deliver consistant training to its fast growing network of drivers. After getting a full induction to the company, drivers learn how to provide excellent customer service to ensure high ratings from passengers

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We'll show you how our mobile solution is being used to share information and deliver training.